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Since the beginning of humankind, progress has been my calling. My name is Icon Zar, a Russian Mediterranean artist, but don’t let that fool you because my nationality doesn’t define who I am. My whole life’s work has been dedicated to art and innovation as a voice for freedom. Allow me to be your Art Concierge in Mallorca and elevate your artistic experience.

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Icon Zar

Welcome to the Land of Sunshine and Millionaires!

Welcome to the Land   of Sunshine and Millionaires!
Welcome to the Land   of Sunshine and Millionaires!
Welcome to the Land   of Sunshine and Millionaires!

Welcome to Paradise Island Mallorca! Here, the top gastronomic experience and high expectations of the luxury market meet a comfortable, artistic lifestyle.

In 2022, I embarked on a ground-breaking venture: to create a platform that marries top-notch cuisine with a fine arts experience. Despite working with a limited budget, my creative vision and business acumen came together to give birth to this exciting concept.

Progress has been the driving force behind humankind since the beginning of time. We constantly reshape the world, push boundaries, and question accepted norms. This Generation Y or the Millennial is often discussed in current literature, and with good reason: they are growing up in an era dominated by internet technology and are destined to become the next generation of millionaires and billionaires.

And that’s why I brought the innovative idea of ‘Fine Dining with Hungry Artists Experience‘ to life. As the first to put my bold idea to the test, who knows what’s next?

So join me in this marriage of business and beauty, where the most exquisite things arise from the depths of sweat and tears. Today business goes hand in glove alongside creativity; ideas are everywhere but it is art that brings them together.

Welcome to the Land   of Sunshine and Millionaires!

Join a talented artist for an unforgettable evening! Choose between a delicious dinners at one of the city’s best restaurants or let the artist recommend a spot.


By valuing the artist’s time and ideas, you might even come up with something beautiful and unique.


You’ll take home a small artwork with the artist’s signature as a souvenir of this meeting.


Certificate and selfie from this meeting.

* Note: Dinner and Artist Presence are sold separately, so you can pick the best pricing options for you. Get ready for an amazing time out!

** Prices started from 350 euros per experience.


The Michelin Guide for Spain

The idea of “Fine Dining with Hungry Artist Experience” was launched in 2022. In Paradise Island Mallorca, where high expectations for a top gastronomic experience are very common and luxury tourism goes hand-in-hand with business; there’s no shortage when it comes to vision from artists who want something new or pushing boundaries at their level on an on-going basis – all born out pain (but don’t worry because they’re beautiful things!).

The Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal has awarded an extra Michelin star to Mallorca’s restaurants in 2022 bringing the total on the island to 11 stars.

Finest Restaurants” in Mallorca

Discover the culinary delights of Mallorca at its finest restaurants, where exquisite flavors, elegant ambiance, and exceptional service converge to create a memorable dining experience on this beautiful Mediterranean island.

Fine Dining with Hungry Artist Price List “Experience”

PeoplePrice per Person
1 Person350€ + 21% IVA
2 Persons250€ – 500€ + 21% IVA
3 Persons210€ – 630€ + 21% IVA
4 Persons190€ – 760€ + 21% IVA
5 Persons170€ – 850€ + 21% IVA
6 Persons160€ – 960€ + 21% IVA
7 Persons150€ – 1050€ + 21% IVA
8 Persons140€ – 1120€ + 21% IVA
9 Persons130€ – 1170€ + 21% IVA
10 Persons120€ – 1200€ + 21% IVA
11 Persons110€ – 1210€ + 21% IVA
12 Persons100€ – 1220€ + 21% IVA

To Be Continue

Spiritual Bond

Alastair King looked down at his Breitling watch, relieved to see that it was nearly time for her to arrive. He hated being late and this being his first visit to Mallorca, he’d decided to leave a bit earlier from his hotel, worried about getting lost. It turned out to be ridiculously easy to find the fine dining restaurant and so he’d been sitting here for half an hour, waiting to meet Carmen Vazquez. Idly looking online for things to do in Mallorca last night, he’d come across a website that intrigued him. They would arrange a meeting between the customer and a Spanish artist, who in exchange for a meal, and the hope that the meeting may lead to a commission of their work, would talk to them about the art they created. Alastair had scrolled through the art on offer and had been mesmerised by one particular pencil drawing, a portrait that had an ethereal quality about it that seemed to speak to him on a deep emotional level and might just be perfect for the castle.

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China Dream

There was a Swedish business woman known as Astrid who was so tired of all the time traveling around the world. She was dealing with antiques and was well known in the international market. Wandering one day she found a project which seemed very interesting. It was named as “Fine Dining with Hungry Artist Online” and then she thought to try this application and wanted to see what will happen, and who will she meet because there was nothing for her to lose, as it will be just a dinner with nice company! So, she opened the application where she booked a Swedish photographer and an artist, Peter Lars and guesses what Astrid was so excited to meet him in person, he looks like a good person to meet! She invited him in Mark Fosh restaurant, with chef who was well known for his Michelin starts that was exciting and very unique food presentation.

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A Goddess in Pain

“Good afternoon, Mr and Mrs Kane, we are completing the final checks and will be taxing for take- off to Palma de Mallorca shortly. As always, if there is anything we can do for you; please do not hesitate to ask… If you will excuse me.”

Almost word for word the same conversation for the thousandth time, but just a different part of the world. Yes, it is their job to treat me with such respect and esteem, but when it was it’s my money paying for such a service, it loses its charm.

Slumping into my seat, I took in a deep breath, letting out a heavy sigh. It would be about 10 hours in the air from New York to Palma, time I knew that could have been spent wisely clocking into meetings, listening to my team drone on about plans for the next quarter, and investor benefits, but all I wanted to do was sit back, close my eyes let the dazzling light of the Palma sun wake me from my slumber. There was only one thing on my mind.

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Back to the Future

A Well-known American lady named Cecil Alexandra Luis was travelling to Europe. She was from a very powerful political family in the USA, she had everything she wanted to ever have in her life, she was fond of photography and then she came to know that an online application known as Secret Dining with Hungry Artist is a platform where she could have dinner with any top artist of the world so she booked a German photographer who was not much wealthy named Klaus Jakob.

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