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Back to the Future or 7 Continents

Back to the Future or 7 Continents

  1. Short Script

A Well-known American lady named Cecil Alexandra Luis was travelling to Europe. She was from a very powerful political family in the USA, she had everything she wanted to ever have in her life, she was fond of photography and then she came to know that an online application known as Secret Dining with Hungry Artist is a platform where she could have dinner with any top artist of the world so she booked a German photographer who was not much wealthy named Klaus Jakob.

  1. Scenario.

Alexandra invited Klaus to the best hotel in the town, there she came to know that even though he is an amazing photographer he is struggling to find new offers for photography and that it´s not easy for sure when she knew all this, she wanted to do something for Klaus so that he could make a better and respectable living. In the meanwhile, Alexandra received a call a person on the call was telling him that their extension in the hospital has been done and they are waiting for her to inaugurate the extended part of the hospital. Alexandra was very rich and she wanted something good for humanity that is why she funded an extension to the cardiology block of the hospital and now it was completed that’s why they were calling her. Finally, she saw someone who was getting out of the taxi and coming towards the hotel, she can see that man through the transparent glass of the hotel, “This is Klaus” murmured Alexandra, she was still thinking about him and at the very same time the photographer, Klaus entered the hotel and he was watching here and there because he had never seen Alexendra, Alexendra called the waiter and asked him to call the man standing in the white suit, the waiter approached the person and asked that the lady you are looking for is sitting in the left corner, Klaus looked to the left and then he started to walk towards Alexendra, after reaching the table Klaus asked “May I sit mam?”, “Yeah sure”, replied Alexandra. Klaus sat there while opening the button of this coat and then started their conversation.

  1. Dialogue

“Where do you work Mr. Klaus?” asked Alexandra. “I am currently working with the best Michelin Star chefs where I take photos of different dishes and their best plates”, replied Klaus. “I have seen your photos have an amazing set of skills then why are you only limited to low-level photography?” asked Alexandra. Before Klaus can even utter a single word Alexendra asked the waiter to bring starters and some drinks and then with a sign of her hand, she asked him to continue. “It’s not like that if you only have skills people would order your skills, for ordering you need recognition, people only recognize and order from those photographers who are famous whether they don’t even know how to hold a camera properly! This is the sad reality of today’s world.” Replied Klaus. “What would you have done if you were a rich person and your friend would like to have career advice from you?” asked Alexandra. “I would rather suggest him to open a restaurant.”, replied Klaus. Klaus also told her that one of his friend chef who was a doctor and doing a brain operation, also advised him to open his restaurant. Alexandra was inspired by each of the lines Klaus spoke. She asked him to take some of her pictures, he clicked her 10 pictures and Alexandra was so impressed that she wanted to do something for Klaus, she was so sad that a person with such amazing skills doesn’t have a stable and promising career.

  1. Back to the Future.

Alexandra was so impressed with dinner and this magical trip that she offered Klaus to open an international chain of restaurants named “The 7 Continents”, where famous chefs (even his friends) can travel and offer different gourmet and other experiences through monthly performances.

Klaus was now in charge of “The 7 Continents” and become one of the most respected photographers in town, with that now his pricing has many zeros than before with a real stable earning source.