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China Dream

China Dream

There was a Swedish business woman known as Astrid who was so tired of all the time traveling around the world. She was dealing with antiques and was well known in the international market. Wandering one day she found a project which seemed very interesting. It was named as “Fine Dining with Hungry Artist Online” and then she thought to try this application and wanted to see what will happen, and who will she meet because there was nothing for her to lose, as it will be just a dinner with nice company! So, she opened the application where she booked a Swedish photographer and an artist, Peter Lars and guesses what Astrid was so excited to meet him in person, he looks like a good person to meet! She invited him in Mark Fosh restaurant, with chef who was well known for his Michelin starts that was exciting and very unique food presentation.

It was dark, nice temperature and not so many people. She actually was never so eager to meet anyone and was nodding her head a gesture of waiting, while she was in her deep thoughts, she noticed a man with great biceps, holding a camera in her hand and a bag on his shoulder, in which maybe he had put the necessary stuff for his paintings.


“Hello! Are you Astrid?”, asked the person, “Yeah, surely, I am.!”. “Actually, you booked a dinner with me here, my name is Peter Lars,” said the person. “Hi, that’s great, please have a seat”, replied Astrid. “So will you have something?” she asked. “Thank you so much dear, but you called me here; it is enough honour for me!” Lars expressed his feeling joyfully. In the meanwhile, Icon smiled, called the waiter and asked him, “Served the best wine of the Mark Fosh for us!” the waiter nodded. On the other hand, Lars was yet not able to believe that he was sitting in one of the best restaurants of the country while he was thinking this entire Astrid asked him “Will you please draw my sketch? I want to see your skills.” Lars nodded. He took out the painting stuff from his bag and started to draw the sketch. “What makes you different from the other painters?” asked Astrid. Lars smiled and replied that I can make you accurate sketch in mere 3minutes. “Are you serious?” Astrid  asked. “Yes, I am.” Replied Lars. While he was sketching, the waiter brings to them the best wine of the Mark Fosh restaurant. “Here’s your drink” said the waiter politely. Merely in this time Las completed the sketch of Icon and asked her the permission to show her the sketch, Astrid allowed her and then he showed her the sketch. “It’s impossible! How you did that Lars?” She asked in complete surprise. “it’s god gifted talent dear Astrid” Lars replied with joy. “When you are such a great artist why in you profile it was written that it is difficult to get work?” asked Icon. “Actually, here people are not much obsessed with the painting and the art, that’s why.” Said Lars… sadly. “Why don’t you come with me to China, I can help you get work there, as one of my best friends is making a new American style hotel in China, so you can come there with me and show your skills there, what you say? Astrid asked excitedly. “That’s a great opportunity if you are serious dear, I would love to go with you there!” Both of them agreed on this point and decided to have dinner, there Astrid ordered creamy rice white prawns with bergamot and watermelon. It was although a delight dinner.

After this meeting she was so with Lars that she literally took him to China with her and there he was decorated a new American hotel with his art.